Birch Stitch Count Rings Split Large (031081)


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Birch Stitch Count Rings Split Large (031081) The super affordable, colourful Flat Ring Split Markers includes 24 ring shaped markers in 3 different sizes.

Ring Markers help knitters to count the stitches in their knitting project by slipping over the knitting needles as they knit.

Birch Stitch Count Rings Split Large (031081), Stitch Markers securely lock onto knitted stitches. Their one-touch action assists in placement and removal.

  • These knitting crochet markers make counting rows in blankets so much easier.These are the kind of stitch markers that can be opened so that you can take them off and reposition them any time you want to,and can pin them on the knitting to mark a particular row,or mark which is the right side of the knitting.Helps you keep stitch count and prevent uneven side of your project.
  • Go through markers like water without tearing or catching the yarn.These stitch markers are good for keeping your yarn projects together without damaging them and marking stitches and loops during your loom projects.Save you so much time and are easy to attach to crocheted work and to remove.

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