Birch Safety Stitch Holder Two Pack (006042)


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Birch Safety Stitch Holder Two Pack (006042), Safety Stitch Holders 2 pack. Ideal for all types of knitting and yarn arts.

Birch Safety Stitch Holder Two Pack (006042) Used to keep live stitches when knitting collars and cables.

are used to hold open stitches that will be worked on later. They can be used when shaping the sweater neck while the needles are used to work the rest of the garment. Stitch holders are also used at the top of sleeves of a sweater before they are attached to the body of the sweater.

Stitch holders are a super handy tool for the knitter who wants to save meshes that have yet to be knit. The mesh holder simplifies the work, keeping it effective and easy to keep track of.  holders come in a package containing three different sizes: 8.30 cm (golden), 11.50 cm (red) and 16.50 cm (blue).

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