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The Birch Knitting calculator allows you to work out the number of stitches and the rows you need to obtain the required width and length of the garment to be knitted.

Take the hassle out of knitting design with this clever knitting calculator.  It allows you to see quickly the number of stitches and rows you need for the required width and length of a garment.  A great addition to your knitting kit.

Detailed instructions in packaging.

Birch Knitting Calculator Comprises of:

  • A disk for rows (fixed) at the bottom
  • a disc for centimetres (movable) at the top
  • a disc for stitches (movable) at the top
  • a 5cm x 5cm window for measuring your knitting sample

2 major uses

1) To convert centimetres in stitches and into rows

2) To adapt a knitting pattern

Made in India


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