Arbee Felting Needles 2pk Large


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Arbee Felting Needles 2pk Large, Felting Needle is a sturdy, coarse triangle blade needle for deep, fast felting and attaching parts.

Arbee Felting Needles 2pk Large, Dry Felting Is An Easy Needle Punch Form Of Embellishing A Piece Of Woollen Felt.

This Can Then Be Made Into A Picture, A Toy, A Hat Or A Bag.

No Glue Or Thread Is Required.

By Using A Felting Needle, Felting Wool And A Piece Of Woollen Felt You Will See Your Design Come To Life.

These Felting Needles will be compatible with all the felting tools and handles. They can be used on their own as well and are easily replaceable.

The pack contains three felting needles. They come with a clear safety cover to ensure safe storage.

Make your own felted designs with these needles using unspun wool roving. Simply shape your wool and push at it with the barbed needle. The more you keep working the needle, the firmer and denser your felt work will become.

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