HiyaHiya Direct is the new, dynamic online store, offering the full-range of the prestigious knitting and crochet brand, HiyaHiya. The store has been formed with the knitter in mind, offering the fastest and most direct way to get HiyaHiya products to your door.

As crafts become more popular, there’s an increasing necessity for tools and materials to be delivered quickly and safely to your door. HiyaHiya Direct offers the perfect solution to ensure you can knit and crochet with your favourite brand and continue to inspire with your unique and creative style of knitting.

Founded by Qianer Huang in 2012, has grown from strength to strength with its ambitious and innovative approach to design. The Interchangeable Straight Needle was a world first for its kind in the market, modernising the way we knit and revolutionising the industry.

The interchangeable range has developed ever since, offering an illustrious range in bamboo, steel, and sharp; with products that suit a wide variety of knitting styles. To further enhance the customers’ experience, HiyaHiya has developed a diverse and adaptable range of accessories, which ensure the knitter never misses a stitch!