Lay Buy Terms and Conditions 

  • $10 per fortnight or $5 a week take all the time you need to pay it off. 
  • All products will be ordered in once your lay-by is finalised. 
  • Laybys within the Pensioner Discount Scheme (PDS), items can be added to your lay-by and shipped as they have been paid, shipping will be invoiced prior to dispatch. 
  • Upon cancelling your lay-by 20% of the total amount paid of you lay-by will be kept for admin fees the rest will be refunded to you. 
  • If minimum payment has not been received after 4 weeks, ONE (1) reminder will be sent, if not brought up to date, the layby will be cancelled and 20% admin fee will be kept the rest of the monies will be refunded to you.

Upon paying your first instalment this indicates you agree with our terms and conditions as signature is physically not able. 

This lay-by option is for the Customers on our Pensioner Scheme only. 

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.