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An Australian One Stop Shop For All Your Yarn Needs
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Zip Pay & Zip Money

Zip Pay/Zip Money: 

Own it now, pay later - Say 'goodbye' to wishing and waiting. Say 'hello' to owning and loving it.

  1. Payment Flexibility - Everyone’s different. That’s why Zip let you tailor your payments to suit your lifestyle
  2. Interest Free - Every purchase you make with Zip is interest free. Online or instore, every time, every day. 

Payments Explained:

It's easy! Every time you make a purchase Zip simply adds it to your account. Then at the beginning of the month, Zip will send you a summary (called a "statement") of what you spent and what you paid in the month. You can then pay it back in full at the end of the month or pay over time from as little as $40 a month, interest free.

Account limit

Zip Pay: 
Account Limit - Under $1000
Interest Free Period - 0% Always 
Establishment Fee - $0
Minimum Repayments - $40 a month 
Account fee - $6/month waived if you have no balance.                      


Zip Money: -

Account Limit: - Over $1.000
Interest Free Period: - 0% interest for 3 months
  Promotional offers 6-48 months

Establishment Fee: - From $0 - $99
Minimum repayment fee: - From $40/month 
Account Fee: - $6/month waived if you have no balance


How does Interest free work?

Zip charges the store a small fee on each transaction, just like credit cards do. That fee then helps Zip to provide you interest free terms on every purchase. It's that easy!