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An Australian One Stop Shop For All Your Yarn Needs
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Refund and Exchanges

Refund and Exchanges

You can NOT receive a refund/exchange if 

  • Change of Mind
  • If you have opened and or used the product
  • After 1  month (30 Days) since purchased has passed

You CAN receive a refund/exchange if

  • Items are faulty
  • If your order was not correct and cannot wait any longer for replacement, but you must send the stock back to us before receiving the refund 
  • If items are on back order and do not want to wait 
  • If items are out of stock, and don't want to choose another colour
  • If we approve an refund - Please Note The shipping amount will not be refunded if we already have shipped your item and you are sending the items back.


Store Credit 

We do Provide Store Credit, this is be able to use if you are wanting to get Store Credit to the value of the Product/order you are returning to us instead of getting a refund/exchange. 

You are able to use this on any product on the Mean Mothers Creations Website or facebook page/group. 

Can NOT be transferred to another person. 

Store Credit MUST be used within 3 months of the date when the credit was given. 


If you are still unsure please contact us and we will help you as much as possible.