Helen | Owner

AKA “The Yarn dragon”

I am married with 3 adult children, I have been in various management roles during my career. I have always been a natural at crafts and sewing.

I was taught how to knit at the age of 6, I began to cross stitch, macrame, tapestry, and embroidery by the age of 10, and I was creating my own clothes as a teen, the only lessons I had was year 8 at High School, My Grandmother was so skilful, she looked at a dress in the shop window, came home and made it.

Crafting has been an important part of my life, no matter my age. It is my Zen, no matter the craft, the love of creating.

Mean Mothers Creations was born 3 years ago when my daughter was in the hospital for several months, she taught herself how to crochet, and this is when we discovered there was a huge gap in the Australian Yarn Market. We intend on closing that gap, which brings us to today.

Shelley | Volunteer/Teacher

AKA “Shell or Shell Muzz”

Hi I’m Shelley I’d been chatting with Helen for some time before the store opened in September 2020 and since then my involvement with MMC has grown and grown and is still growing.

I started just visiting and helping out at weekends and taking photos around HQ for social media but then started teaching some of the crochet classes and workshops and helping anyone who needed a bit of help with their creations and as a result feel like I am now part of the furniture.

I’ve also completed crochet teacher accreditation with Australia’s very own Crochet Guild- CGA. On the personal side, I have been crafting for some time (I’m now 67). My mum and her mum taught me to knit when I was probably about 7 or 8 and, when I was about 15, I taught myself to crochet from a book – 52 years ago there was no internet and no youtube.

I am also a papercrafter, I sew and quilt, I’ve made porcelain dolls and want to get back into bearmaking, I dabble in resin and also love photography.

I’m secretary and cofounder of All 4 Dachshunds Inc, a breed specific rescue and rehoming charity.

You’ll find me instore every weekend, squishing the yarn, teaching, enabling others as well as myself when I spy new goodies and also doing my very best to control Helen ?

Victoria | Website Guru

Aka “The Enabler”

I am the daughter of Helen Davie, I am  currently back home, due to a work related injury unfortunately, I am unable to work, so to give me something to do and take my mind off the situation, I help design MMC website and fix any issues with the site.

I love animals, nature, crocheting, yarn, photography, reading true stories, watching my weekly TV shows and movies.

I also love giving your yarn a hug when we receive your orders, sometimes you are lucky to even get your order LOL. But I send it on it’s way with the yarn filled with love from MMC.

If you see me around, say HI, I don’t bite but i might enable you a-lot 🙂

Social Media Mods

Kelly Walz | Blog Creator & Admin/Mod on our Facebook group/page

Hi, my name is Kelly – mother of two living life in tropical North Queensland.
I dabble in a few crafts – knitting, sewing, weaving, paper-craft, felting, macrame – but my main love is crochet. I am also a bit of a yarn hoarder (don’t tell my husband).
Crafting is my relaxation and happy place. Crocheting if front of a zombie flick or rom-com is my daily wind down once I have gotten the kids to sleep.

Linda Southern | Admin/Mod for our Facebook group/page

Hi I’m Linda I’m 46 married for 20 years combined we’ve got 6 kids 5 adult children and 1 X 4 year old.

I love my crafts like crocheting, cross stitching and recently got into paper craft.

I also have one very fluffy cat most of the year until summer hits then she gets trimmed. I used to do a lot of knitting but since starting to crochet last year I like that more than knitting.

Tracy Ann | Pattern Designer

My name is Tracy Peirce and I m a textile artist, I have tried most forms of Textile manipulation an often do pieces with crossover techniques but currently at the moment most of my work is done with crochet.

I have been a teacher for Traditional teddy bear making, crochet, knitting, bead knitting, beading , wire work, chain maille , Wayuu Mochila bagmaking, cloth art dolls, fabric origami , sewing ( both hand embroidery and clothes ) patchwork and a few more I can’t think of at the moment , – I kinda like teaching .
I am always on the lookout for new and unusual ways to play with creativity.

Tanya Jones – Pattern Designer

Hi from WA, my name is Tanya I am a wife a mother of 3 adult children 29, 27 & 24, I am also a Nana to two boys aged 7 and 1 and have a Fur baby Ragdoll.

My Nana taught me the basic granny square when I was 9 years old and never adventured any further than that. I then feel in love with crocheting all over again about 5 years ago when I discovered Crochet groups on Facebook and have not looked back since.

 Before then I use to just knit, but now as I am getting older, I find crocheting is gentler on my hands plus you can create items quicker.  I use to be a tester for a lady in her doll group then about 6 months ago I decided to give designing dolls and clothes for them ago for myself and feel in love with it even more knowing that I created it and that my testers can understand my designs and patterns.  

With You Tube and the Crochet groups crocheting has become an endless craft which I could not live without now, and my yarn stash is proof of this.

 I am looking forward to designing for MMC.