An Australian One Stop Shop For All Your Yarn Needs
An Australian One Stop Shop For All Your Yarn Needs
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August Newsletter 1/2

"Yarns That Will Bring You Joy"
Here at Mean Mothers Creations, we are delighted to bring you a fabulous range of yarns from all over the globe.  Suitable for all forms of yarn art, whether it's knitted blankets or crocheted children's toys, we're sure you'll find something you love.
Some of you will have seen our recent posts on the VIP Facebook group about the devastating fire at the premises of one of our new neighbours.  MMC has been incredibly lucky and not suffered any damage from fire/smoke/water so we don't expect any delays in opening our new store.

We still have a few things to finalise but will be opening as soon as possible.  Once we know the date we will be letting everyone know.

I need a bookkeeping extraordinaire, I can no longer look at the forever growing pile of paid invoices sitting on my desk.

If you reside within a stones throw of Ormeau 4208, QLD, or where the our shop is local, postcode 4207, I would love it if a customer just happened to be a qualified stay at home Mum or retired bookkeeper.

Or if you can recommend anyone, email me.

This will be a ongoing sub- contractor position (pay via invoiced) Thought I'd ask in here first before out in Muggle world

email me using the button below



What would you like to see stocked in the shop? Is there anything that we don't currently offer that you would really love to see?

We'd love to hear your ideas and suggestions. While there are some products and brands that we can't stock for exclusivity reasons, we'll do what we can.

I'll start - I'd love to see yarn bowls stocked, they're one of those items you don't know you need until you've got one then you wonder how on earth you managed so long without one!

There's an announcement in the VIP FB group where suggestions can be posted.

If you haven't yet replied to your message about your likes/dislikes/allergies for your Secret Santa please do so ASAP.

This information is needed to ensure your Secret Santa has the best possible chance to get/make you something you'll love.


Just a reminder that you can opt in for SMS updates on your orders.  If you would like to receive SMS updates then please fill out the form on the website

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